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Online Registrations were open till May 24 – 15:00
On-spot registrations are possible on the event day with an additional cost of +10€ (May 26, Registrations @ Voulisma Beach)

Important Notes! Read before proceeding to registration!

Fill in the form below with all appropriate details. Do not forget to attach/upload a doctor’s approval for entering the competition that declares you are physically capable of taking part in the Agios Nikolaos on SUP event and the bank statement that you have succesfully deposited the required fees!

See the online registration (early bird, till May 24) fees

Basic Registration* of 15** euros for one of the following (+ 10 euros per extra event) – Kids under 18 years old basic registration 10** euros

  • Fun Boards – 3 kms Technical event
  • 12’6 – 5 kms Technical event
  • 14′ – 5 kms Technical event
  • 200 m sprint, up to 14′ board length
  • Fun Boards – 1 km Technical event in the lake

* The Eurotour events have different fee options and are not included in the above list.
** The above registration fee has an extra charge of +10 euros on the event day. So make sure you make your registrations online and promptly.

Make a Donation for the above amounts in your name in one of the following charities of your choice.

Don’t forget to write on your statement your name along with the phrase “AgiosOnSUP”!

Children’s Fund of Neapolis (link)

National Bank of Greece Account
ΙΒΑΝ GR0301103020000030229628299
Transfer Note: “Agios On SUP ” and {Your Name}

Social Grocery Store (link)

National Bank Account
Transfer Note: “Agios On SUP ” and {Your Name}

Piraeus Bank Account
Transfer Note: “Agios On SUP ” and {Your Name}

Eurotour Long Distance Basic Registration of 40** euros (see the prize money awards).
(+ 10 euros per extra non-Eurotour event by donating in one of the charities mentionned)

** The above registration fee has an extra charge of +10 euros on the event day. So make sure you make your registrations online and till May 24.

This payment will be done on spot, in the Agios On SUP registrations booth on the event day.

Payment Examples:

  • Eurotour LD (40€) = 40€ (pay in Crete, send us your air ticket with your inscription before 24-5-18)
  • Technical (15€) = 15€ (send donation to the bank, inscription before 24-5-18)
  • Technical (15€) + 200m (10€) = 25€ (send donation to the bank, inscription before 24-5-18)
  • Eurotour LD (40€) + Technical (10€) + 200m (10€) = 60€ (send donation 20€ to the bank, 40€ in Crete, inscription before 24-5-18)
  • If you have only selected Eurotour LD, like in the 1st example, you must send us a copy/photo of your ferry/air ticket in order to confirm your registration.

In case of children & minors under 18 years old the parent must do the registration and state their details in the appropriate fields.

Για τις ελληνικές συμμετοχές, παρακαλούμε χρησιμοποιήστε αυτή τη φόρμα!

Personal Details

In case of children or minor participant under 18 years old state the parent or legal guardian details here *

* AgiosOnSUP has every right to refuse a minor's or child's participation in the event for safety reasons in case of extreme weather conditions.

Event Details

Choose the events and the appropriate category you want to take part in (required)


We can provide help in transporting groups (and not individuals) of participants from the airports or port to Agios Nikolaos and their accommodations on their day of arrival. Provide your group details below...


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