In Saturday 26/05/2018, following an objection, the Event Committee met and accepted it unanimously. Participating Moshaki Fragiski and Iosifina Marinakou were disqualified because they missed a buoy. The results for the 12’6 – 5 km  event for women are the following:

1 136 DOROTTYA BATHORI Women 01:00’12″843
2 82 ΑΜΑΛΙΑ ΒΛΑΧΑΚΗ Women 01:11’00″894
3 35 STELLA GALOPOULOU Women 01:30’34″607
DSQ 19 ΦΡΑΓΚΙΣΚΗ ΜΟΣΧΑΚΗ Women 01:13’02″080
DSQ 173 ΙΩΣΗΦΙΝΑ ΜΑΡΙΝΑΚΟΥ Women 01:05’59″835


With regret we acknowledge that due to a secretary mistake the award ceremony was made with the temporary results of the first day and not with the correct ones. Participants who have been disqualified are asked to return their medals. Participants Amalia Vlachaki and Stella Galopoulou will be sent their correct medals.

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