Fiona Wylde is a young and talented water sport enthusiast. She loves SUP, surfing, windsurfing and foiling. From Hood River Oregon, she travels the world competing in both SUP racing as well as SUP surfing and does so at the highest level. But above all, she loves having fun on the water! In a few days, this world famous athlete, will be in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, to participate in Agios on SUP 2019 and on this occasion we talked with her.

-What do you know about the beautiful town of Agios Nikolaos and Agios on SUP event in particular?
I am very excited to be going to the Agios Nikolaos Sup Race! I’ve never been here, so I’m thrilled to check out a new spot! Mikhalis Farsaris, this event organizer, has been so kind and helpful getting me to this event. I am really looking forward to meeting him and the team behind the race. Of course, I can’t wait to paddle in the gorgeous blue water and just have a great time! Already smiling thinking about it!

-Is this is your first time in Greece? What are your expectations for this event?
I went to Greece once before in 2004 for the Athens Olympics. My uncle, Peter Wylde, was competing in Equestrian Showjumping for Team USA and my entire family went to support him. I was only seven, but there are parts of that trip I will never be able to forget. So for me, to be able to go back and compete in Greece where my Uncle won a gold medal is pretty special. I know this trip is going to be very different, but I look forward to learning more about Greece and experiencing what it has to offer. I really don’t have any expectations.

-What is your experience of this year’s Euro Tour so far?
For me, this Euro Tour has been the best one yet! I started the tour in Villefranche where my really good friend Martin Letourner organized the Azur Paddle Days along with fellow classmates from University. It was spectacular to be there to support Martin with his event, but his event really did go above and beyond. We had amazing conditions, the event went off flawlessly and the competition was tough! I actually had a very good race and was able to come out with a win for my first stop on the Euro Tour. I couldn’t be more excited to start off my Euro Tour summer with a win! I didn’t expect it but was very happy.

After Azur Paddle Days, I raced in the Vendee Gliss Event which was a complete blast! It was a firing downwinder and we were driven 20km out to the start line, jumped in the water and paddled back. It was more of a super fun adventure day with 70 friends, but it was still a tough race at the end! I absolutely love down winding, and that day it was all about connecting the best bumps and reading the water to help you get to the finish line. I am so happy to have also won that event and to have two wins for the first part of the Euro Tour.

I really have surprised myself with both wins, but I am extremely happy with the way I’ve been paddling and can only hope for the best. However, the best part is how much fun the EuroTour has been! I am home now for two weeks, but then I fly back to Europe to finish the rest of the season.

-Which is your favorite discipline?
I really do love everything on the water, whether it’s surfing, racing, or downwind! That’s the cool part about stand up paddling, you can paddle in so many different conditions!

-What are your best moments so far?
Honestly, the best moments have been with friends out on the water and just having a good time. No matter what corner of the world, how bad or how amazing the conditions are, when good friends are in the water and everybody laughing, those are the best times.

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