Registrations are now OPEN!

Registration for athletes’ participation are now open.

In the form provided in our website you will have to fill-in personal details, what races you will be participating in and information about your travel preferences.


Attachments required

For the proper completion of the form you will have to attach 2 documents;

  • A signed letter of consent and indemnity, which is provided in the form section for download, and
  • A doctor’s approval, signed by a verified doctor that you/or your child are capable for competing in the event.

Only after attaching those 2 documents you will be eligible to enter.


Payment Process

In order to enter the contest you will have to donate a small amount of money in one of our 2 charities. The donations are as follows;

  • at least 15 euros for the following categories; HSSA Fun Boards, HSSA 12’6, HSSA 14′, Junior race 1km (U16 junior)
  • at least 30 euros for the following categories; HSSA Elite 14′, Eurotour Elite LD Race 15 kms (open men/women)

The process of making the donation will be emailed to you after the correct form submission, in the email adress you provided.


Register now for the event!

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